Are You In a Cult?

Bottom Line Up Front:  Cults of Christianity draw the focus away from the absolute center of true Christianity–the worship and obsession of Jesus Christ Himself.  

When we think of cults we often think of weird people who are under some type of mind control of an eccentric leader who is manipulating them into behaving in dramatically inappropriate ways.  Well…not exactly, though that can be true to some degree!

Webster’s dictionary defines a cult as “a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious” and further explains it as being “great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work.”  Using those definitions, Christianity itself can be considered a cult of humanism (what is all around us in the world) because of its radical devotion to Jesus Christ and His teachings and more specifically its devaluation of personal happiness in light of the glorification of God.  What I mean is that people who are not Christians hold many of the same morals and values as Christians, but Christianity departs from the typical humanistic perspective in our culture because its belief system is rooted in the worship of Jesus–not personal goals and dreams.  Cults of Christianity are considered “unorthodox” because they move away from the bulls eye and focus on something other than the glorification of Jesus Christ as, and equal to, God and worthy of eternal worship and affection; that is what Biblical Christianity is.

So, how do you know if your denomination, or church, or religion is not on the right track in keeping with the Christianity of Jesus’ day?  It’s actually easy–if the complete and utter focus (the primary tenant) of a Christian’s belief system is not knowing, loving, and waiting for Jesus then cultish behavior is afoot.  Christianity is all about Jesus and His supremacy in every single aspect of life–over everything else (e.g. family, self, goals, and the basic needs of life).  Everything else will flow from that one unadulterated object of worship.  If you’re a Christian, a Biblical and true Christian, your life is about ONE THING–the glorification of Jesus 🙂

If your faith, your denomination, your religion is about anything else–its time to start asking questions and seeking out a place where Jesus is the focus.  Every sermon, every instruction, every hope, every doctrine, every encouragement and correction, should always go back to the love and valuing of Jesus Christ which is demonstrated by that obsession.  When our affection–our faith–is accurate, then we can love other people the way we are supposed to.  Our love will be the love that Jesus possesses and people will know that they have met the Spirit of God because the fruit of God’s love will be present.

Cults say they believe in Jesus and seem genuine–but you know they are about SOMETHING else because that is what they are known for.

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