Rejected By Mankind

Isaiah 53:1-4

Think of the Disney movie Aladdin.  Remember when Jasmine, the princess, dresses as a commoner and goes out into the market place and people mistreat her until she reveals who she really is?  Jesus pulled a Jasmine when He came to this world!

If God didn’t reveal the truth to us, we would never get it.  Jesus is unexpected.  He does not come in the form that we want Him to.  When He lowered Himself to nothing he confused us because He became the opposite of ourselves.  Our nature is to become the most impressive, accomplished, and noticeable person that we can be if only to prove to ourselves that we can.  When we seek out trainers or mentors, we seek out those who are better than everyone else–those who stand out as winners.  When Jesus took the form of a human being he became so lowly that he became a stumbling block to people.  He became a rock that people would trip over.  Everyone looks up, but Jesus was down low and they fell trying to reach God when Christ was at their feet–washing them!

Why did He do this?  To show what love really is.

Jesus could not pay for our sins without being killed.  He had to be killed by the people He would save in order for them to one day see that His sacrifice is their salvation and in so doing, would become their example of Godliness.  If Jesus had come in the fullness of His deity they would not have killed Him because they would have been unable to stand in His presence.  But when He hid his deity inside of a human being where they could not see it, it revealed the character of God without the flashy glory and awesome majesty that He has.  And we hated it!

I say “we” because even though “we” were not there 2000 years ago, crucifying Jesus, we have each crucified Him with our rebellious lives.  Think of the disciples.  Jesus’s blood was on each one of their hands.  Judas betrayed Him, but they all deserted Him.  No one stepped up and took His place.  No one stood up and vouched for Him.  He was completely rejected, completely alone, and utterly abandoned.  Everyone of us, even those who have known Jesus their whole lives as they can recall it, have not seen Jesus for who He really is and have sought their own lives before His.

Isaiah says in 53:2 that “He didn’t have an impressive form of majesty that we should look at Him, no appearance that we should desire Him.”  This does not mean that Jesus was physically ugly as a human being, but that as a human being, He would not be sought after as God.  In the form of a human being, all the while being God in the flesh, no person would desire to worship Him.

When Jesus, who is equal with God, was rejected by every human being, he became our mentor.  Today, we worship a King that we would have let die on a cross, had He not showed us the error of our ways and revealed His true self to us.  Not a single person accepted Jesus during His weak and fleshly existence on this earth.  Not truly.  It took His miraculous resurrected body to appear and His Holy Spirit to enter for us to see who He really is.  The man behind the curtain.  This Jesus. Today, embrace your humble Lord, follow humility to death, and you will be truly and utterly blessed, as you will know what it is like to be a real Christian.



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