One Way In & One Way Out

Romans 5:12-21

When Adam sinned he caused death to be brought into the world.  He did not cause all men to be sinners, each person sins on their own–Adam introduced death and disobedience to the world.  Before Adam sinned, there was no wrongdoing, but after he disobeyed, the world was cursed with the plague of sin all around them.  Verse 12 says that “death spread to all men, because all sinned.”  This would imply that if a man could keep from sinning, he would not taste death. Of course we know that there is only one who has ever not sinned.

Ironically, a perfect man could not survive this world we live in even if he was to not die as a result of his moral perfection.  This world would kill him.  Death reins in this world.  Satan reins in this world.  That is why this world is an alien planet to those who actually are able to reach righteousness.  They are not of this world and are going to another one, but to get there, they must die first.  John 17:16 records Jesus saying “They are not of the world, as I am not of the world.” Also, he told Pilate at his crucifixtion trial “My kingdom is not of this world…” (Jn. 18″36).

It may seem unfair that because Adam sinned and introduced sin to us, that we should not be held accountable for what he did.  And we are not.  We are held accountable for our choice to sin.  You may say that “we wouldn’t have sinned had Adam not sinned though!”  Why would anyone think they would be stronger than Adam to resist temptation?  We are all human.  The point is not that Adam sinned, but that God fixed it.  Don’t get hung up on the what ifs.  Jesus Christ stepped in and took care of the sin issue IF WE ARE WILLING TO LET IT GO!  The issue is not that it is unfair because we may feel that we would never have sinned, it is that we are so selfish that we CAN’T STOP!  And because we can’t stop, some will choose to keep sinning instead of being forgiven through Jesus Christ.  These individuals will unfortunately never be at peace with God and will never be allowed to enter heaven.

Because Adam sinned and disobedience became the new way of life for all people, there would need to be something to stop it.  Punishment does not serve to effectively change any behavior–at least not at a fundamental level.  Though it is one valid reason not to engage in bad behavior, it is not the most effective tool to stop it. Psychology teaches us that.  Punishment is condemnation.  Punishment is a consequence for an action and nothing more.  So what would stop all of the bad behavior?  Nothing!  It can’t stop because sin is the default in this world!  Death is the consequence of all our bad things that we will never cease.  We would have to be reborn in a different dimension in order to escape the cycle of sin and death.  Enter Jesus.

This body of flesh and bones will die and become part of the earth.  There is no way to stop it.  Genesis 3:19 says, “for you are dust, and to dust you will return.”  The fountain of youth exists, but it cannot save this body.  We must let it die and accept that it will.  It is actually better that it does so that we can have an opportunity to embrace the salvation that comes with a fresh start.

There is a second death–a spiritual death–that waits for those who have not been cleaned of the sins that they have committed.  While the body must die, the spirit does not have to.  This is what Jesus came to save–our spirits.  He promised nothing of saving our bodies, they are nothing to us anymore but vehicles of sin and death.  However, the world seeks to preserve these rotting bags of decaying flesh as long as possible because it is the only hope they have.  Know that there is only ONE WAY OUT!  That is through the spirit saving work of Jesus Christ who eliminated eternal spiritual death.  Only Him.  No other religion, no other idealogy.  Just Jesus.  Nothing else can reverse the effects of sin.  It is just as impossible to fix it as it was to not sin in the first place.


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