A man left the world yesterday.  He was different.  Not perfect.  But righteous because he was a son of God.  The Lord entrusted him with the riches of the knowledge of his grace to a greater extent than many.  Why?  Because he knew that he would not be silent.  A man of silence that would not be silent regarding what the Lord had put in his heart.  A man of few words that likely no one ever fully understood and probably couldn’t.  No one can comprehend what God has done to an individual except that individual themself. Grandma shared in his walk with the Lord more than anyone. Even though she always lived in the shadow of God and grandpa’s struggle with God and this world, she accepted it and loved him and stood by him through thick and thin.  Everyone who knew him best knew who had first place in his heart–Jesus.  His children know this feeling too and to some extent–me.  He went unnoticed by the rest who didn’t know him or didn’t take the time.  A man of sorrows survived by a family of sorrows.  What he proved to me was that one can live without the approval of mankind. Because of him I understand that though we care for each other, the Lord must be first–which is what makes everything ok.  He gave his family a toughness, an ability for longsuffering, and an example of what, or better yet WHO, is to be sought after in this world.  I never knew anyone to truly care for Jesus more than him.  Maybe its because the Lord revealed so much to him?  Maybe its because he understood how much he had been forgiven and daily needed to be?  Either way, Lonnie Clubb is in heaven with his savior and his friend, Jesus.  He has truly gone home.  We couldn’t keep him any longer even though we might want to pull out of him some earthly comfort and love that would make us feel more alive, more loved, and closer to God ourselves.  Just being around him I always knew that Jesus was real.  He is rejoicing in the presence of the Lord and would want every one of us to know that living a life completely and fully, daily connected to Jesus is the greatest act we are capable of.   We love you so much. We cry because you are loved, but these tears mingled with sorrow and joy, are only temporary.  You finished your race, your time for striving is over.  Your legacy will remain with everyone here until the day we see you again. I love you and am happy that you made it home.  You’re home.


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