Impulsivity is an Attribute of Satan

Satan just could not help himself.  He had to crush Jesus on the cross even though by doing so it meant his ultimate demise.  He could have tortured people for eternity, and truly broke God’s heart, had he not been so consumed with revenge and hatred, blinded by greed, as to compulsively take the opportunity to destroy God Himself on the cross.  Satan is short sighted, pleasing himself in the moment, living fully and completely for his own interests.  It was God’s will to crush Jesus for us (Isaiah 53:10) and it was Satan’s finest moment when he brutalized and snuffed out the life of Christ.  Though Satan would soon find out he put the final nail in his coffin by doing so.

Acting impulsively is bad!

Scripture clearly states that it is not flesh and blood we are fighting, but Satan and his minions (Ephesians 6:12).  Satan is impulsive.  He prowls around looking for someone to devour and relishes at the thought (1 Peter 5:8).  His appetite is out of control.  Impulsivity is a psychological term we counselors use to describe the intense urge to act in a way, then without forethought of the consequences, doing it.  Impulses are not from God because they smack of a loss of self control which is a product of the sinful state of man.  Paul clearly states that self control is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:23) and helps us to see that when we are acting out of our urges, we are acting out of the flesh.

So, if we are being impulsive, we are following the nature of Satan.  What are some compulsions we could have in our lives?

  1. To eat too much food all at once (or binge eating)
  2. Drinking alcohol to excess (or any other drug)
  3. Lashing out at people (taken over by anger)
  4. Watching T.V. marathons constantly
  5. Facebook and other social media for long periods of time
  6. Viewing pornography
  7. Talking bad about other people (gossiping)
  8. Virtually anything you regret later!!!!

These impulses can become compulsions, where they become lifestyles which one cannot stop without having extreme anxiety and other dramatic negative affects on your psyche and even physical body.

Self control is our weapon against Satan and demonstrates our long term hope in Christ–that we are not dependent on the fleeting pleasures of sin!

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